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8 Foot Vapor Tight 4 Lamp T5 Fluorescent Fixture

Item#: SVT8FT/454

Price: $175.00 Per PC



$149.00 Per PC

$139.00 Per PC

Metal Reflector:


The Superior Vapor Tight 432 is Build with a 4x54WT5 Ballast to operate (4) 4 foot 54WT5 lamps. It has a knockout for a fixture mounted occupancy sensor (optional) and you can also add an aluminum reflector to maximize light output and energy efficiency.

Technical Details

  • 8 Foot 4X4' Lamp T5 Vapor Tight Fluorescent Fixture
  • Minimum Starting Temprature of -20F/-29C
  • Maximum Temprature of 158F/70C
  • Built With High Quality Major Brand Ballast
  • For Parking Garages, Swimming Pools, Refrigerators, Freezers and Food Processing Facilities
  • Lamps are not included in price
  • call for special ballast