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7W PAR20 LED WW LED Looks Exactly Like a Halogen

Item#: XPAR20-D24

Price: $25.00 Per PC



$22.00 Per PC

$19.99 Per PC


"THE FIRST TIME EVER" First Generation 7 Watt PAR 20 – R 20 LED Lamp that Looks Exactly Like a Halogen. This beautiful LED is a direct replacement for a 50 Watt Halogen, Standard Base (E26/E27), 40,000 Hours of operating life, 24 Degree, Warm White Color (3000K), 476 Lumens,

Product Features:

  • Direct Replacement For Par20 + R20 Halogen/Incandescent Bulbs
  • Up to 85% in Energy Saving
  • Solid State Light Source
  • Eco-friendly Design free of hazardous metals and chemicals
  • Contains No Filaments
  • Cooler Operation Reduces Air Conditioning Usage
  • No Flicker or Strobing
  • No Warm-up Time
  • Seamless Design Integration of LED and power supply ensures long maintenance free operating life
  • UL - CE - FCC - ROHS Compliant